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At Brevard Chiropractic Center, we are grateful for our wonderful patients. Read some of our unsolicited testimonials!

After 15 years of chronic back pain, Dr Frank was the first chiropractor to explain my actual problem in a way that I could understand.  He also taught me how and when to recognize what type of care would be most helpful.  I learned more from Dr Trozzo in one visit than I got from years and countless visits to other doctors. 

- George P.

I was under the impression that a chiropractic adjustment was a chiropractic adjustment and that all chiropractors could do them equally well.  So I chose to shop for the lowest price. Big mistake.  After receiving an adjustment from Dr. Trozzo I realized what a skilled adjustment really was. My previous chiropractor kept insisting that the adjustments should hurt and that I should keep getting them until it finally stopped hurting.  Another big mistake.  Dr Trozzo's adjustments did not hurt. He explained that there is a difference between force and finesse.  And skilled chiropractors know the difference.

- Maria C.

Dr. Frank got right to work on the first visit.  He focused on the problem at hand.  He explained how best to solve the issue I was dealing with in the least amount of time and at the most reasonable cost.  He did not try to talk me into a year long treatment plan or lifetime visits.  I felt I could trust that he had MY best interest in mind.

- Jim M.

Thanks Brevard Chiropractic. You made me feel comfortable right away. Using your services was the best decision I ever made!

- Cynthia E.

Not only do your adjustments relax me, but they promote healing. I have never felt better! Thanks!

- Bailey T.

Since using your services, I feel better at age 65 than I did at 35! Thank you so much!

- Earl J.

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